Torches, Pappers, Gas

Full line of the Best Papers, Wraps, Lighter, Torches and Ashtrays. When you want the best you come to the Best Smoke Shop in San Diego North county. We carry just about every product Raw and Newport makes. From Beeline to jumbo torches.

Torch, Rolling Papers, and Ashtray Brands Carried at the Smoke Shack include but not limited to: Newport, Scorch, Kind Ashtrays, Zig Zag, Double Platinum, Xxl, Brownsugar, Chills, ZEN, Job, Triable, Smokin Clean, Randy's, Skunk Papers, Shine 24ct gold, Elements, Trip, BadAss Rolling Papers, My F@cking Rolling Papers, Juicy Jay's, Hempire, Snoop Dog, Toke Token, CBD, Cyclones, OCB, Double Platinum and many more

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