Hookah & Shisha

Huge Selection Of Shisha

San Diego' Best Smoke Shop, Smoke Shack has tons to offer if your into Shisha and Hookah. We carry the best brands of shish and some of the best Hookahs. We stock just about every flavor of Starbuzz and Fumari shish. We strive to keep all the best flavors in stock. Our friendly staff can help yo pick out the perfect hookah and shish flavor combo. Mix and match flavors to make that perfect flavor cocktail. Need help setting up your hookah, no problem our staff is here to help. If you need coals we 'have all the best coco and and coal brands: Starbuzz, Coco Mazaya, Coco Nara, Three kings, Ring Coal, Dynomite, Ed Hardy, and so many more coals. Easy to get to form any where in San Diego, Click here for Map and Directions to San Diego's Best Smoke Shop

Other stuff you can find at our store;

Water Pipes, Glass Pipes, Spoon Pipes, Bubblers, Bowls, Slides, Screens, Ashcatchers, Domes, Metal Pipes, Glass Nails, TI Nails, Quartz Nails, Rigs, Vaporizer's, Plastic Water Pipes, Soft Glass, Hand Pipes, Ecigs, Eliquid, Disposable Atomizer's, Rebuildable Atomizers, Mods, Wax Domes, Disposable Ecigs, Hookah's, Shisha, Pipe Cleaner, Atomizers, Detox, Synthetic Urine, Whip Cream Chargers, and more...

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