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No matter what type of glass your are looking for chances are San Diego’s best smoke shop, Smoke Shack, your one stop shop..  We have something for every budget. Whether your ballin’, and want the best rig that no one you know can afford, or are just Ballin’ on a budget and want something real nice for the best price in town, we got you. We have TON’s of local blown glass art.  We have just about every size down stem and Glass bowl,  nail, and adapter out there. Turn any water pipe you have into an Oil piece with our vast assortment of attachment that convert any glass on glass pipe into an oil rig. No matter what you need you can find it at San Diego’s Best Glass Shop, Smoke Shack.  Stop by and see all the beautiful glass art and local blown glass. Click here for Map’s and Directions

Glass is the best smoke out of…

No matter what you are smoking in San Diego, there is no better product to use then Hand Blown Glass. To truly taste all the flavors your herb or tobacco has to offer Glass pipes are you best bet. Far supeirior to metal or plastic pipes, Glass Pipes provide only the flavor of what is put into the pipe. Plastic and metal pipe retain heat that can burn hands and transfer nasty flavors that you will not taste when smoking out of glass. For a truly superior Smoking experience stop by San Diego's Best Smoke Shop, Smoke Shack your one stop Smoke Shop. We have a huge line of all the finest, Local, California, And American made smoking utensils. Click here for Map's and Directions

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