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Stop Smelling up your car and home! Get a new E-Cig Today,

Stop burning your product, and smelling up all of your clothes. Stop Smoking Today, and switch to vaping with a brand new Ecig or Vape. Smoking tobacco is a nasty habit akin to cavemen burning your smoke is just asking for trouble. Electronic Cigarettes and e hookah is an alternative to inhaling cigarette Smoke. You get all the same effects you would from smoking with a lot less stinky smoke that is emitted from burning leaf material. When you vaporize e liquid or e juice in your e hookah you convert the nicotine in the juice into steam or vapor which can be inhaled with out all the stinky tar smelling smoke and other objective odors that are commonly associated with tobacco smoke and burning of plant material.

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Its well known that smoke from any plant contains hazardous toxins which aren’t great for your respiratory system. Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons are highly carcinogenic, and believed to be a leading factor in cigarette related cancers. Not to mention the foul odor of cigarette smoke. The use of vaporizers such as ego clearomiser atomizer, or mod atomiser like the k100 is a practical alternative to smoking. Smokers who aim to eliminate the foul oder emitted during cigarette smoke could try using electronic cigarettes as an alternative, like the E-go, Atmos optimus, Aspire, and Kanger Products to finally get away from foul odors. The medical, industrial, and commercial manufacture of e cigs along with new FDA Oversite helps make modern such devices truly functional and effective. When your ready to start using an ecig choose the Best Vape Shop in San Diego, CA The Smoke Shack, the best place to find smoking supplies in tri-city, San Marcos and Escondido.

There are countless numbers of ecig manufactures on the market through out the world. We only stock the best. Like Atmos Optimus, Smok, Smoktech, Green Smart Living, Imperial, white rhino, KTS PEN, K100, Kanger, Dtc Electronic hookah and cigarettes or "e-cigs" There are are two basic types of ecigs out there, Disposable, and refillable. No matter what you need, The Smoke Shack San Marcos in San Diego Couty has you covered. We carry a full line of disposable and refillable e cigs, atomizers, clearomizer, ego and e hookahs including; Starbuzz, Imperial, Smokelss Select, Square, X-hale and more. Our "Highly " educated staff is always ready to help you decide which style and brand of e-cig is right for you. No Matter where you are at in North County San Diego, come on down to the Smome Shack in San Marcos to Stop smoking and start vaporizing your eliquid and e hookah with one of our brand new e cigarette machines. Stop in the Smoke Shack and ask about our stop smoking starter packages. Click Here For Map And Direction's

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