Herbal Products And Botanicals

If you want Kratom, CBD Hemp oil, Salvia, KAVA, Mitragyna Speciosa, in San Marcos or San Diego North County, we have what you need. The Smoke Shack in San Marcos is well diveresed into the the alternative herbal botanical community in more ways then one.  Stocking for sale, a full line of botanicals and herbal products and herbal extracts. You are sure to find the Kratom and other Herbal products that you need, at the best price. We carry multiple brands of Kratom, CBD, Salvia, Kava, We do not carry any spice or any adulterated herb smoking blends, only what is natural occurring plants and direct plant extracts.

Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) 
Strains: MaengDa, Bali,  GreenThai, Red Thai, Red Mang Da, White Maengd, Green Borneo, White Borneo, Green Maylay, Green Vietnam, Trainwreck and more
Brands: Krave, OPMS Shot, OPMS Gold, Experience Kratom, Earth Kratom, Complete Kratom, Dreamweaver Mitragyna Speciosa, Complete Kratom, O.P.M.S. plus a few more we forgot.

Hemp CBD Oil, we carry  CBD in topical and vape additives to better serve you. Brands include CBD+, Green Lotus, Honey B Labs which offers the highest concentration on the market at time of this article, 30%.   Plus, all the CBD is  sourced from Non GMO pesticide free hemp plants, no marijuana, zero THC, and contain no psychoactive ingredients, only Pure hempseed oil extracted from organic hemp some of which are grown right here in the good ol’ United States.  Extration and processing is completed in a  Pharmaceutical Grade Facility using state off the art Co2 extraction.  Fully legal in all 50 states.  It is available in 20mg 1000mg Tintures, Vape Additives, and Wax Crumble.

Kava: Native to Pacific Islands and Polynesian Cultures.  Kava, primarally the root, is used to make an tea of sorts that some say produces a sedative, euphoriant feel.  People of the pacific have used Kava for perhaps 1000’s of years for cultural rituals and for creating drink that is relaxing with out disrupting mental clarity.   Kava is sold in many forms and recently there has been a rise in Kava Bars popping up in places like Hawaii and Florida.  Though there are many forms of Kava Root and Extracts, and Kava Wax.   Kava is typically cold brewed and served chilled for best result.

Salvia:  We are not sure what uses there are for salvia, which is Native to California and Baja California, but if you are interested in doing some botanical research on Salvia, come on down to San Diegos Finest Shop, we normally have several varieties of Salvia in stock.


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