Detox and Synthetic Urine

Synthetic Urine and Detox Products

In A bind, out of time, stop on by San Diego's best smoke and vape shop. We have all the best detox drinks and synthetic urine brands. If you are looking for something to clean out your urinary system, hair, or mouth we have what you need. We carry the best detox brands including Testpure, Highvoltage Permeant 5 day detox and double flush. if your worried about your hair or mouth we carry Testpure Shampoo and high voltage mouthwash for an extra cleanse. For those in a more playful mood we carry the finest synthetic urine and fake pee products on this side of the Mississippi. We have everything from full on strap on dildo synthetic urine delivery systems, easy to use belt kits down to simple flask kits and refills for bladder systems. Brands carried include; Serous Monkey Business, Agent X, SuperMan Belt Kits, The Field Kit, U Pass and more. We are just minutes away from most anywhere in San Diego, stop on by and see how our friendly knowledgable staff can help you along the way.

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